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Updated June 12, 2018





The 2018 Maggie Fischer Memorial Cross Bay Swim will be held on July 13.  This year's entrance fee is $125. Please read the instructions carefully before applying.

We accept applications for a field of 120 swimmers. Application acceptance is  based on postmark date and time, or otherwise delivered to us with a completed waiver form including kayaker signature and check for $125. Once registration is complete (usually within one week), the application process is closed. We place a closure notification on our website and on our FaceBook page. Subsequent submissions are returned. Acceptance  emails are sent to each registered swimmer once applications have been compiled, usually within a couple of weeks.

This year we will reserve a limited number of sponsor-level positions.  Sponsor-level entry is available for a fee of $5000. These will be available until sold out, or until June 15.


Tidal conditions on the day of the Swim:

The start time will be 0700 or earlier. This is due to a very early tide that day. For the first time the Cross Bay Swim will start with a substantial tide in progress.   We expect there will be a strong incoming tide flowing from west to east, at right angles to the course. Tidal flow could be in the range of 2 knots or more.

Safety is  always our primary concern.  This tidal flow will be a strong disadvantage to some swimmers.  The first mile, from the Fire Island Lighthouse to Sexton Island and through SteamBoat Channel, will require navigational skills beyond those needed in the past. Our experience is that a swimmer drawn substantially off course at the beginning of The Swim will be unable to complete the course within the maximum  time of four hours. Some swimmers may wish to consider the advisability of attempting this year's Swim under these conditions.

Detailed explanation:   We normally attempt to start The Swim at or near slack water after low tide,  the time at which the tide is low and water has ceased flowing. Those two things do not occur at the same time! When we start with no water flow (slack water), swimmers can navigate the crucial first half mile across the boat channel and Farm Shoals by swimming a straight line. By the time the majority of swimmers reach SteamBoat Channel the tide has begun to flood, and from that time the tide is generally in the direction of The Swim. Even under these fairly ideal conditions we have seen swimmers veer off course in the first quarter mile. This is why we always stress the importance of training in open water with wind and wave action, and with your kayak at your side to provide course correction. A miscalculation at the beginning of the race can be disastrous to the success of your event!

Even swimmers experienced with our course will need to train for the conditions of that day. Extra time will be needed in the first section of the  course because you will not swim straight towards the first mark. An offset will be needed to correct for the tide. Click Here for an explanation. Swimmers new to our event will no doubt encounter difficulty unless they have trained adequately and are capable of overcoming a strong cross current.

We encourage everyone considering this year's event to assess their abilities. Ask your open water coach about this. If you are a first time swimmer for this event be sure to speak with an swimmer experienced with the Cross Bay Swim. We want you to have a safe and rewarding experience. Thanks.



The start is spectacular every year. We invite anyone who can get to the start to join us on the beach or on the dock to witness the event. The Fire Island Lighthouse is also available for any group who would like to watch from a spectacular vantage point overlooking the start line and the entire course. If you are interested, please call the Lighthouse at 631-661-4876 to reserve your position.