RaceJoy is mandatory for all swimmers . Racejoy is a cellphone based tracking application. RaceJoy uses the swimmer’s cellphone, held by the swimmer’s kayaker within a waterproof pouch. Tracking is turned on by the swimmer shortly before racetime. Once tracking is enabled, anyone with the RaceJoy app loaded on their cellphone is able to track the swimmer and kayaker as they come across the bay. The display looks like this:

RaceJoy is available from the App Store and in Google Play. Just enter RaceJoy and follow the instructions. Once the app is loaded, go to the Race Calendar, choose New York and find the Cross Bay Swim.  The race course can be seen in INFO.  

SWIMMERS: Choose PHONETRAK  and “I WANT TO BE TRACKED”. This will guide you through entering your information.  Your swimmer number will be entered here. Your swimmer number is issued a few weeks before the event. Give your information to your family and friends, who can track you in the app. Be sure (in your phone) to enable Location Services, and set Background Application Refresh ON. Charge your phone completely before the event, and use the phone only for tracking, which puts a heavy draw on the battery. Complete instructions and user tips are in the RaceJoy app.

SPECTATORS: Choose PHONETRAK  and the option “I WANT TO TRACK SOMEONE”. Find your swimmers by their name or number.  The race course can be seen in INFO. Live tracking begins just before The Swim starts.